Blue lavender field & mimosa, Oil painting, with palette knife, 36 inches x 36 inches

Blue lavender field & mimosa, Oil painting, with palette knife, 36 inches x 36 inches

Natasha Kudrov

Art is her life. Natasha Kudrov is a contemporary artist who lives in Manhattan NY. Originally from St. Petersburg Russia where she attended the highest level art academy before moving to the States.

After a meeting with Alex Liberman, the editor of Vogue Magazine, upon arriving in her early 20′s, she landed a job working as a textile designer for fashion and home furnishing, eventually becoming the top designer in her field.

For the past few years now she has dedicated herself solely to her exquisite fine art paintings greatly inspired by the south of France where she resides part of the year. A master of color, her stunning canvases are exhibited in fine art galleries throughout the US.

Nature, her greatest inspiration, is seen in her vibrant yet tranquil landscapes, seascapes, and lavender fields set in the French Provence. As well, she creates dynamic bursts of color in floral arrangements rendered in her unique and masterfully skilled style using only a palette knife to layer oil paint on canvas.

Recently she has ventured back to her roots in fine art painting doing brilliant abstracts which exhibit a fresh intensity of color and evoke a feeling of uplifted joy.

Natasha Kudrov has composed modern paintings for interior designers, private collectors, book and CD covers here and in France, Russia and Brazil. She has also done some personal requests, most recently a modern stylized portrait of a cat.

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"The mission of Art is not to copy nature but to express it" - Honoré de Balzac -

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