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A contemporary artist painter

Natasha Kudrov was born in Russia. She started painting and drawing with a private teacher when she was five years old. She later studied at Ivan Trusha College (Lvov, Ukraine). After graduation, she continued her art education at the prestigious A.A Stieglits Art School, also known as the Vera Mukhina School of Decorative and Applied Arts (St Petersburg, Russia), where she graduated with honors.

In the late seventies, she moved from St Petersburg to New York and successfully worked as a textile designer and painter for such famous fashion companies as DKNY, Ralph Lauren and Bob Mackie.

Natasha is married to a French journalist, and she divides her time between New York, South France (Provence) and Florida. She paints landscapes, seascapes, flowers, mimosa and lavender hills, using oil on canvases, applied with a palette knife.

Natasha Kudrov’s style is deliberately modern, poetic yet intense, filled with sunny colors. Her main goal as an artist is to make the people who own her art as happy as she is when she paints.

Natasha Kudrov

Natasha with her paintings


Animals portraits
New York

About Natasha Kudrov

Natasha Kudrov is a contemporary artist who lives in Manhattan NY. Originally from St. Petersburg Russia where she attended the highest level art academy before moving to the States.

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